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The menu

Dishes for all tastes

The chef's menu highlights the ingredients in simple dishes, made in our kitchens and served directly on your plate. You will also find something to satisfy your thirst by choosing from our selection of drinks, but remember to save room for dessert  !

Cuisine ouverte jusqu'à 1h00 avant la fermeture.

Our Croques

with raw vegetables and ketchup

- Sir

Ham on the bone, emmental

- Madam

Ham on the bone, emmental, egg

- Hawaii  

Ham on the bone, emmental, pineapple

- Goat

Grilled bacon, goat cheese, caramelized apples with honey

- Italian

Smoked ham, mozzarella, dried tomatoes

- Ratatouille

Chicken, courgettes/aubergines/grilled peppers, emmental cheese

- Provencal

Grilled courgettes/aubergines/peppers, emmental)

- Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon, emmental cheese, red onions

- Savoyard (in winter)

Graubünden meat, raclette cheese, red onions in winter


Our Salads


Our Burgers
100% pure Belgian Blue beef meat of 180 grams

with its colorful accompaniment
All our burgers can be served with the chicken burger or the vegetarian one.

- The Simpleton

Rustic bun, ground beef, caramelized onion fondue, tomato, cucumber, salad and sauce.

- Cheesy

Rustic bun, minced steak, emmental cheese, caramelized onion fondue, cucumber, tomato, salad and sauce.

- The Frenchie

Rustic bun, ground beef, brie, walnuts, red onions, arugula and its sauce.

- The manly

Bun chili, ground beef, emmental, chorizo chips, caramelized onions, tomato, cucumber, arugula and its 2 sauces.

- The Green

Bun chili, veggie steak, emmental, pumpkin seeds, peppers, arugula and sauce

- 22

Rustic bun, crispy chicken, bacon, caramelized onion fondue, grilled peppers, salad and homemade sauce

- The Mountaineer (in winter)

Bun chili, ground beef, raclette cheese, bacon, red onions, pickles, arugula and its sauce

- Farmer

Lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, hard-boiled egg, caesar sauce

- Vegetarian

Lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, vinaigrette

- Italian

Lettuce, smoked ham, tomatoes, parmesan, balsamic cream


Lettuce, warm goat cheese, honey, caramelized apples, walnuts, bacon, balsamic cream

- Norwegian

Lettuce, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, red onions, croutons

- Tuna fishing (in summer)

Lettuce, peaches, tuna, carrots, tomatoes, red onions

spaghettis bolo.jpg

Our other dishes

- Penne au gratin

Ham cream, cheese

- Tartiflette (in winter)

Potatoes, bacon, onions, reblochon, cream, with its salad

- Soup of the day 400 ml

(October to April)

- Chicken Wrap

Chicken breast, raw vegetables

- Salmon wrap

Smoked salmon, raw vegetables

Our flaguettes

- Classic 

Ham on the bone, emmental, raw vegetables

- Omelette  

Egg, pesto vinaigrette, mixed salad

- Goat  

Grilled bacon, goat cheese, caramelized apples with honey, raw vegetables

- Italian  

Smoked ham, parmesan, dried tomatoes, balsamic cream, arugula

- Brie  

Brie, Liège syrup, walnuts, arugula

- Ratatouille  

Chicken, zucchini, eggplant, grilled peppers, raw vegetables

- Vegetarian  

Zucchini, eggplant, grilled peppers, tomatoes, parmesan, pesto vinaigrette

-  Smoked salmon  

Smoked salmon, red onions, arugula, pesto vinaigrette


Pour les Juniors

- Pennes jambon crème

- Spaghettis/Pennes bolognaise

- Croque monsieur sans crudités

- Croque madame sans crudités

- Ham mac & cheese balls 4 pièces

Croquettes de crevettes artisanales


Toutes nos sauces sont faites maison


Our ice cream cups

- White Lady

3 scoops of vanilla, hot chocolate

- Black Lady

3 chocolate balls, hot chocolate

- Brazilian

3 scoops vanilla, caramel, hazelnuts

- Strawberry Meringue (in season)

3 scoops of vanilla, strawberries, meringues, strawberry coulis

- Raspberry

3 scoops of vanilla, hot raspberry coulis with raspberries

- Children's cup 1 or 2 balls

vanilla or chocolate

Our sweet side

- Brussels waffle with sugar

- Brussels waffle  Sweet whipped cream

- Brussels waffle hot chocolate whipped cream

- Brussels waffle with whipped strawberries (in season)

- Mikado Brussels waffle

Hot chocolate, 1 scoop of ice cream, whipped cream

- Chocolate cake

- Fluffy Baileys

- Apple pie

- Chocolate mousse

- Creme brulee

- Gourmet coffee

Coffee or tea with three sweets


Our iced coffees

- Frozen macchiato

flavored or not

- ABC Hazelnut Coffee

- ABC speculoos coffee

- Double Chocolate ABC Coffee

- ABC amaretto coffee (NA)

- ABC Coockiers Cafe

-  ABC Coffee  Creme brule

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